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Chakras and your health

In our lives we are impacted by our environment, relationships, our actions and our thoughts. Our physical body is a reflection of these interactions or variables. Our body reflects this In the form of ease or dis-ease, good health or sickness.

Our physical health is determined not only by what we eat,, how we sleep and exercise, but most profoundly how we process our emotions.

Outside of our body there are aspects of ourselves inches away that communicate with different nerve bundles, glands and organs known as chakras.

Chakras are “ wheels of light” that revolve in and through our energy system. In Vibrational Medicine, an excellent book written by Richard Gerber, he speaks of the chakras as "specialized energy centers, multi dimensional as portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of higher vibrational nature so it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body”. Therefore, it is very important to have these chakras open , spinning and moving freely to maintain our health.

The chakras are in a constant flux depending on what we are experiencing. This means that from moment to moment they can be open or closed or somewhere in the middle. Trauma in our childhood and adolescent years have a direct impact on either the strength or weakness and its proper development of a particular chakra or chakras. Understanding or digesting these traumas can have a positive effect on our well being. Sometimes cords can interfere with the proper flow of our chakras.

Cords can be the attachments we have with people that give us a positive feeling , uplifting and nurturing. There are however cords that deplete, block or hijack our energetic body . These can be breakups with people that still contain remnants of attachments, a jealous ex partner or friend, or an energetic vampire that looks to steal energy from your body. These deplete our chakras and slow down their movement, thus effecting our mental and physical health.

Here are the seven chakras, their placement, the color that resonates with that frequency, the sound, and the role it plays (powers) in our body:

We are all born with the birth right of perfect mind, body and Spirit.

Luckily it's never too late to take back our power and heal. It requires us to take ownership for our lives.

I had a client that was unaware of the cords or energies that were attached to her from her mother. I was able to assist in bringing clarity and healing to this person through information presented by her masters and teachers with an Akashic Record reading and then follow with a cord cutting of the stuck chakras in her body. The exchange of information and cord cutting gave my client the opportunity to first bring awareness and second a healing to her.

Are you aware of the subtle energies that have you bogged down? Do you resonate with feeling at ease? Book a Free Discovery Call HERE

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