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Have you noticed feelings of lack or a desire to feel more whole?
Do you ever wonder about your experiences in a past life?

Do you wish you could love, feel, and produce in a way that feels more fulfilling and meaningful for you?

Often, you are operating at an emotional and energetic level that you know leaves room for improvement.


The truth is,

there is nothing

wrong with you. 


In fact, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

You already know that life is meant to feel good, meaningful, and enjoyed. There are simply pieces of you that have been left behind in the past.

If you have ever experienced:

a desire to know more about who you are in this world

dissatisfaction in work or relationships

childhood trauma that caused you to disassociate from your feelings and experiences

an inner tug to do more for yourself so you can show up feeling whole

you are in the right place

You must believe, deep inside of you, that you were born to do more than

survive, make a living and die.

You were created with a gift trapped inside of you; your job is to find that gift

and serve it to the world”

Dr. Myles Munroe


How I can help

Hello and Welcome!

I am Adam Gell, your Shamanic Guide toward healing and fulfillment.

I like to think of myself as the embodiment of The Masculine Balance, a union of both the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, the lightness and the darkness that exists in each and every one of us.

Like you, my life didn't always feel great. I didn't always find harmony in my personal relationships and I struggled with leaning in to my inner guidance system that tugged on me for more.

As a Division 1 Collegiate Athlete I spent many of my early years deeply tangled within the identity of what it meant to be an Alpha Male. 

It wasn't until I recognized my own wounded inner child and the emotional trauma I experienced as a kid that I was inspired to change the course of my life. Divorce was a catalyst that allowed me to reconnect to my ancestors, and have the desire to show up as more for the world. 


healing offerings


Healing is not a linear process and often talking it through helps to serve as a guide.

If you are interested in booking a service and don't know where to start,
I encourage you to book a FREE call below.

FREE call



"Adam is an amazingly gifted healer, and my session was profound on many levels. He was able to release the blocked energy causing the pain and give insight on its deeper meaning and actual emotions which lead to certain problems. I felt lighter, energized, and more in tune with the life. If you are looking for healing on the physical plane and beyond, I would highly recommend working with him!"     

- Olia, New Jersey

"It was a great reading and right from the beginning I had the good feeling of being seen, with no judgement, and with love and clarity. In the reading I could understand and let go of some of my old patterns and with the support of some exercises you gave me to do after the reading things really have changed in my life in the last few weeks. I feel lighter and more focused, can take my stand more easily and have less fear to speak my truth. Thank you very much for your reading and your assistance here. " 

 -Nicole, Germany

Adam has been spot on in his readings and has given me insights on what my next move in my life would be. He's a natural and in his element when he does his Akashic readings”

- Edwin, from Brisbane, Australia

“Adam is definitely tuned in into the unified field of the Records and is able to retrieve accurate information about me, my connections to other people and  my surroundings. I would definitely recommend a reading with him because he is psychic and able to work seriously with a person and their Akashic Records. Aside from that he is just a really nice, compassionate human being!".   

 - Simone Benjamin. Vancouver B.C

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