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Soul Printz

Unique Fingerprint Reading to uncover your Life Purpose

Service Description

Many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what their purpose is. The truth is, your story is written all over your being, most apparent in your set of unique finger prints. Whether you are already established in a career or in the beginning stages of adulthood and looking for direction, your fingerprint may be the map that guides you towards this path. Through a analysis of your fingerprints your life purpose and the life lessons you will endure are revealed. Behind every human being there is a force to live. Everyone has a desire for self-fulfillment. When you understand your life purpose you will gain direction and clarity along your path of capability. When one is living as they were truly meant to live, fully and completely, liberation abounds. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is an email based service. Once booked, you will receive an ink pad and form in the mail that will need to be sent back to me. (address will be provided upon booking) Within one of week of receipt of finger prints, your Soul Printz report will be emailed back to you. All finger prints will be shredded once report has been sent. Disclaimer: Energy healing, Shamanic healing, crystal and sound healing as well as Reiki are considered alternative, complementary approaches and do not replace the need for traditional medical care through your physician or licensed professional. You should not stop, add, or change any medication or traditional treatment, without the advice, consent and direction of your physician. You are advised to seek the care of a licensed professional for any physical, mental or emotional concerns.

Cancellation Policy

Out of respect for both of our time and energy, I kindly ask that there are no cancellations within 24 hours.

Contact Details

Marlboro, New Jersey, USA

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